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  • Why Are Food Manufacturers Trying to Make You Fat?


    And why are you letting them?

    If you’ve been on our site, you can see that we take food very seriously. The whole concept behind FoodFacts originated because our founder and President, Stanley Rak, wanted to know what was really in the foods his family was consuming everyday. It’s that simple. As he began to create the first nutritional food database, FoodFacts broke down ingredients and began relating them to allergens so people could actually see how all these ingredients (and the completely confusing names they have) affect their bodies.

    Fast-forward to over a decade later and we are still at it…fighting the good fight. And the fight is now more important than ever. In the past several years, the United States has seen a rise in obesityallergies, and diabetes at alarming rates and the direct link to processed foods is clearer than ever. With so many food manufacturers competing with one another on your local grocery shelves, the competition to make food taste better is as important as making those foods at the lowest cost possible. Their solution: chemically manufactured ingredients that make your brain crave these foods and possibly cause you to become addicted to it.

    You might have noticed that several food manufactures and companies have removed artificial ingredients from their food products. What you probably don’t realize though, is that they have replaced it with “natural flavoring.” FoodFacts recently showed you a segment from 60 Minutes called, The “Super-Tasters” Flavoring Your Food, which informed viewers that natural flavoring has very little to do with being natural. Unfortunately, consumers have no idea what’s in natural flavoring, because the FDA doesn’t require manufacturers to disclose what natural flavoring is made from (which is why we relate every allergen on our site to them…we don’t know what is in it). We don’t know about you, but that’s a problem for us. Add to this the alarming rate of sugar that are added to so many processed food products in this country, and you can see why our nation is battling obesity and an overwhelming amount of food-related issues and diseases.

    Our biggest question at FoodFacts…why are we letting food manufacturers get away with this? Why are we allowing our food to be regulated in a manner that doesn’t have to tell us what chemicals are going into the foods we are eating? So much of what we do at FoodFacts is to make people aware of what’s really in the foods we are eating. But we’ve really just begun this food fight and we won’t stop until food manufacturers realize that every American deserves safe, affordable and healthy food.

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