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  • Time For Spring Cleaning: Get Rid Of Unhealthy Food In Your Pantry & Fridge


    Spring has sprung, and with it comes warmer days, blossoming flowers… and spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is a great way to declutter your house and your mind, which allows you to start fresh and feel renewed. As you clean around your house, don’t forget to clean up your kitchen and throw away all of the unhealthy, preservative-filled junk food lurking in your pantry and fridge. You’ll feel like you’ve lost weight from just getting rid of the bad stuff and you’ll leave your fridge and pantry plenty of room for only nutritious, healthy foods!

    Use Our FoodFacts App To Decide Which Foods To Keep & Throw Away

    When cleaning out your pantry and fridge, you can use our FoodFacts app as a handy tool that will tell you which foods are OK to keep and which ones you should toss. Simply scan the UPC code located on the package into our app and it’ll show you what food score the product receives. Any food product(s) that score a C- and below should be discarded. This is because any food that scores lower than a C- most likely contains one or more of the following issues: contains controversial ingredients (natural and/or artificial flavors and colors, preservatives), added sugars or a high amount of saturated fat or sodium. For example, boxed prepared meals like soups, rice mixes or frozen entrees tend to contain high amounts of sodium as well as preservatives and should therefore be checked and discarded of accordingly.

    Tips For What To Keep/Buy In Your Pantry

    Keep whole foods in your pantry! Think plain and unprocessed as much as possible. Keep Low-sodium broths in your pantry to use to whip up quick batches of homemade soups. Keep dried assorted beans as well as plain whole grain pasta, rice, quinoa and other grains in your pantry to use to make healthy dinners. For easy breakfast options, keep old-fashioned or steel-cut oats as well as low-sugar whole grain cereals in your pantry. Additionally, keep raw assorted nuts, low-sodium uncured jerky and dried, unsweetened fruit in your pantry, too.

    Tips For What To Keep/Buy In Your Fridge

    Keep whole foods in your fridge, too! Think simple, clean eating: fresh fruits and vegetables, organic meats and cheeses, wild-caught fish and seafood, water, milk or nut-milks, and eggs. Get the “real thing”. This means, don’t get fat free cream cheese or fat free half & half, instead get the real deal because it has less ingredients. By having fewer ingredients, this also usually means less preservatives, less sugar and less salt in the food product because it’s the real thing and doesn’t need extra fillers to make it taste like it.


    The more wholesome foods you fill up your pantry and fridge with, the more positive you’ll feel and be even more determined to make healthy eating choices. So what are you waiting for? Get spring cleaning!