Mechanically separated chicken has been in the news again recently. That’s the chicken that’s created by grinding up any chicken part you might be able to think of. It looks like pink slime and while many manufacturers argue that there’s really nothing wrong with it, millions of consumers have adamantly disagreed.

That disturbing pink slime has been associated relentlessly with the manufacturing of chicken nuggets, especially in fast food products. Over and over again, McDonald’s has stated that McNuggets cannot be included in that statement.

Now McDonald’s is attempting to dispel those rumors with a new video. McDonald’s Canada has taken a film crew behind the scenes to document the manufacturing of the McNugget.

The YouTube video takes viewers inside the Cargill plant in Ontario that makes McNuggets. And we do find out, in fact, that there is no mechanically separated chicken used — at least not in the traditional sense of the term.

They do start the process with actual chicken breast meat. That meat is then put through a grinder along with chicken skin and seasoning. To be perfectly honest, that still evokes a loud “ewwww” from the folks here at But in fairness, it doesn’t include any and every imaginable chicken part.

After the grinding process, the “substance” is shaped into McNuggets in four specific shapes. We’re not sure McNuggets have specific shapes here in the U.S., but apparently in Canada they are bells, balls, bow ties and boots.

They are then battered twice and par-fried for shipment.

McDonald’s has stated that the manufacturing process for McNuggets is exactly the same here in the U.S.

The average McNugget fan is eating a six-piece portion of this “treat.” That serving contains 280 calories, 17 grams of fat, 3 grams of saturated fat and 600 mg of sodium — not exactly what we’d call a healthier option.

Technically, McDonald’s is telling the truth. McNuggets are made from white meat chicken. They are lying by omission, though, because chicken skin is never cited as an ingredient. And 17 grams of fat is a lot to find in six small nuggets. Sorry, McDonald’s, but you haven’t made McNugget fans out of anyone around here with this new information.