Banana Flavor - Ingredients

Published on Thursday, 13 June 2013 18:08

This is an example of the many chemicals blended together to create a typical banana flavoring.  Keep in mind that all of these chemicals would be listed simply as "banana flavor" or "artificial banana flavor" on an ingredient list, masking what chemicals are actually in the food we eat! 

We've also included links to some chemical's typical Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or the US Government's Center for Disease Control Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards Page (CDC Page) for more information about each chemical.


Amyl acetate (Click here to read a typical Material Safety Data Sheet for this chemical.)
Amyl butyrate
Amyl valerate
Benzyl butyrate
Benzyl propionate
Butyl acetate
Butyl butyrate
Cyclohexyl butyrate
Cyclohexy isovalerate
Cyclohexyl propionate
Ethyl acetate (CDC Guide Page)
2-Ethyl butyl acetate
Ethyl capronate
Ethyl caprylate
Ethyl heptanoate
Ethyl valerate
Geranyl propionate
Hexyl acetate
Isoamyl acetate
Isoamyl alcohol
Isoamyl butyrate
Isobutyl acetate
Isopropyl benzyl carbinol
Lemon essential oil
Methyl amyl ketone
Methyl heptenone
Orange essential oil
Rose (linalool, rhodinol, geraniol, citronellol)
Violet flowers (or alpha- ionone, alpha-irone, delta-methyl ionone)