understands that everyone in our community and, for that matter, just about everyone in the nation, is more concerned than usual this year about flu season. This year, the influenza virus is widespread and especially virulent. The Center for Disease and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that everyone over the age of 6 months receives the flu vaccine. Unfortunately, many people are not happy about the vaccine and refuse it. Generally, the efficacy of the flu vaccine is a constant question. Often, it does not prevent influenza in the folks that have been vaccinated and some even speculate as to whether or not it may, in fact, cause the virus sometimes.

There is evidence that implies that Vitamin C in high doses can prevent or even cure the influenza virus. Studies suggest that the dosage would need to be up to 5 grams per day for flu prevention and 1 gram each hour for treatment of those experiencing flu symptoms. An analysis was published back in 2007 during a major worldwide flu outbreak that covered Vitamin C and its influence on the virus.

The study suggests that Vitamin C can prevent and treat, not only the flu, but all types of viral infections. Because Vitamin C is actually a nutrient that the body cannot make itself, it must be obtained through food and supplements. Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) improves the body’s overall immune function, thus helping it to stave off and/or rid itself of influenza virus.

While there are many foods that are rich in Vitamin C, it is felt that consumption of these foods will not provide the dosages necessary to fight the flu. In order to achieve the high dosages recommended, supplementation is the way to ensure correct amounts. If you feel that turning to the effects of Vitamin C on the virus this flu season, suggests making sure the quality of the supplements you choose be as high as possible, especially considering the dosage needed to benefit from the Vitamin’s effects. You may want to consider the FoodFacts TRI Nutritionals brand of Vitamin C that can assure you of its purity and quality: hopes that you and your family stay safe and healthy this flu season.