One of the biggest buzzwords of the 21st century thus far is “busy”. It’s extremely fashionable to be “busy” and it appears that the busier you are, the trendier you are, hence the term “just too busy”.

And out of this trend the continual need for all things convenient is sustained. We’re “too busy to iron clothes” so wrinkle-releaser was invented. We’re too busy to vacuum, so now we have robotic vacuums in various shapes and sizes that run around our floors on their own picking up dust. We’ve been too busy to mash our own potatoes for quite awhile now and we’ve been provided with an array of different boxed, dried instant products to choose from that supply us with a not-quite-reasonable facsimile of the real thing.

And today, discovered that it appears that we’re too busy to prepare our holiday meals as well! According to Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits, we can leave the preparation of our Thanksgiving Turkey to them! It seems that we’ve been able to do that for about 13 years now (if not longer).

The idea of ordering a holiday meal for delivery is nothing new. As a society, we’ve been avoiding actual cooking for years. But would you actually order your Thanksgiving turkey from Popeye’s?

If you read the reviews from various internet sources, the answer is apparently a resounding YES! from hundreds of consumers. The Cajun-style fried holiday turkey from Popeye’s is rumored to be a very tasty bird. People look forward to ordering it every year for their holiday meal. ?????

Thanksgiving dinner from a fast food chain. Well … not exactly.

O.k. the bird is being offered for order from Popeye’s. Between 9 and 11 pounds, pre-cooked (flash-fried in the description) and $39.99 at specific locations. We did a little web hunting and discovered that the turkey appears to be coming from You can Google Popeye’s fried turkey and you’ll find more than a few links that put the two together. If you order the turkey from CajunGrocer, you’ll pay about $12 more for it than if you order it directly from your participating Popeye’s.

Details on the turkey are difficult to discover. The Popeye’s website is pretty understated about this promotion. The only thing you’ll find is a participating store locator. When you input your zip code you’ll get a list of locations with a Cajun Turkey icon next to the address. There is no nutritional information or ingredient list for the product itself.
So we headed on over the ( Here we got just a little more information. It states that prior to cooking the turkey is injected with a Creole butter marinade (no ingredients are included). We’ve also read that the turkey is rubbed with a spice blend. But that’s about all the information we can find here. Clicking the Nutrition Information tab simply brings us to a list with no accompanying data. And right next to the entry “Ingredients”, we find “cajun fried turkey.”

Honestly, finds this a bit suspect. We generally like transparency when it comes to our food and can’t help but wonder why we’re not getting it here. Nutritional information for the Popeye’s Cajun Fried Turkey should be available on both the Popeye’s website and the website.

And honestly, we can’t wrap our heads around the concept of Thanksgiving dinner from Popeye’s. No offense intended. This turkey gets rave reviews. And it technically isn’t from a fast food place. But even so … it’s just not working for us. And if Popeye’s wants us to attempt to get with their Thanksgiving program, they can send us the ingredient list soon. Maybe then we’ll give it a try!