Genetically Modified Omega 3 Oils |

Genetically Modified Omega 3 Oils | has discovered a news report revealing that a major food manufacturer is allegedly planning to flood the food market with poor quality omega 3 oils from its genetically modified (GM) soy beans.

According to the news report, the company is planning to introduce genetically modified seeds, which will, in turn, be sold to processed food companies. The food companies will then claim that their frozen dinners and microwave meals are healthy because they contain omega 3 oils.

Yet you can bet your bottom dollar that the packaging on these TV dinners won’t reveal that the omega 3 oils are from GM soy. If you’ve missed the headlines, you can research why GM-food has a suspicious history and why these food ingredients are considered unhealthy.

This information comes from the rear page of the study released recently and is viewed by some as evidence of a conflict of interest in terms of violating scientific impartiality. Some nutritional experts believe that it is also a clear instance of how science, medical journals, pharmaceutical companies and the food companies sometimes work together for profit, since GM-soy is very cheap.