Yep. That’s what we said. Most likely though, it’s not what you’ve been reading. Contrary to what the announcements might infer, Bill Yosses is not tired of Michelle Obama forcing him to prepare healthier foods. As a matter of fact, it appears that our First Lady has actually inspired him to explore the relationship between food and health.

There have been a number of variations on a theme that reads something along the lines of “White House pastry chef resigns: ‘I don’t want to demonize cream, butter, sugar and eggs.’ ”

And the full story kind of belies the narrative of the “demonize” frame.

Yosses has been White House pastry chef since 2007. President Obama’s nickname for him is “Crust Master.” He gave a lengthy phone interview to Marian Burros of The New York Times upon the announcement of his departure. Its lead notes that the first lady is indeed the reason – but because she’s piqued his interest in the relationship between food and health.

Yosses said he’s moving to New York after he departs the White House in June and hopes to put together a foundation or some sort of organization that promotes “delicious food as healthy food,” according to the Times. There are also family reasons for the change: His husband of three years, Charlie Jandusay Fabella Jr., lives in New York.

Yosses said that he thinks food knowledge, as in the culinary arts, should be taught in schools. He added that for formal occasions, 20 percent of desserts are still old-style cream-heavy and that he does not want to “demonize” the ingredients that go into those, given their tastiness. But he has worked with Mrs. Obama to add fruit purée and other healthier ingredients that are still appetizing.

“She has done it with humor and goodwill, without preaching,” Yosses told the Times.
Does that sound like somebody leaving in a huff because doughnuts are forbidden? TheBlaze, Glenn Beck’s media venture, does not think so. Blaze writer Oliver Darcy did a quick rumor check and decided that Yosses’s admitted fondness for cream was not the reason for his departure.

More healthy-eating inspiration from our First Lady. believes that her committment and dedication to nutrition has legs. It’s reaching the masses.

Michelle Obama is certainly inspirational. She’s helping millions of people in our country become educated food consumers, conscious eaters and healthier human beings. And now she’s inspired the White House pastry chef to take up that same cause outside of his privileged post. There’s really no reason for a trendy negative spin here. Healthy food news is good news!