We are just over-the-moon with excitement that Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is coming back to our TV’s next Tuesday, April 12th. Did you guys watch Season 1?

Jamie Oliver is a chef and food activist from England who has come to the American people’s aid in starting a revolution by asking “can we do better?” with our food system. Most notably, he takes on cafeteria food. In Season 1 we watched him go to the unhealthiest town in America- Huntington, West Virginia and make some big changes. Does anyone remember the time, he cooked a full week’s worth of food for one family and laid it out on their kitchen table to showcase the fat, grease and pounds of fried foods?
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

The great thing about a celebrity chef publicly outing the American food system, is that it gets people’s attention.

Our hope is that people stop and think, “What is REALLY IN MY FOOD?”. If you make a decision to eat healthier and to be an alert consumer than you can start changing one household at a time. It starts at home. We think Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution team would agree.

So we ask, have you started a food revolution in your home?

Have you cut our certain foods or products? Have you made a discovery about a certain bad ingredient? Given up fast food restaurants? Learning to cook?

We want to hear from all of you! Share your own personal Food Revolutions with us!