We know that everyone in our FoodFacts.com community is an active, educated, involved food consumer. And we know how happy it makes all of us when major food and beverage manufacturers are moved by our voices and the voices of food consumers everywhere! So we knew you would be excited about this great news!

PepsiCo Inc. has announced that is removing a controversial ingredient from its Gatorade drinks. This is following concerns voiced by consumers as well as an online petition begun by a 15-year-old from Mississippi. While PepsiCo is denying that the change is not due to the petition, we’re pretty sure it had something to do with it.

Brominated Vegetable Oil is a food additive that contains bromine. Bromine is found in fire retardants. There has been research done that indicates that drinking large quantities of beverages containing brominated vegetable oil can be toxic. It’s been shown to build up in human tissue and breast milk and animal studies has been found to cause reproductive and behavioral problems.

Brominated Vegetable Oil was an ingredient in Gatorade’s Orange and Lemonade flavors as well as a few other.

Sara Kavanagh, the 15-year-old from Mississippi started her petition on Change.org, which is an online petition platform. Her picture is included in this blog post. The petition asked PepsiCo to remove Brominated Vegetable Oil from its Gatorade products. Her petition received over 200,000 signatures. A spokesperson for Gatorade said that the removal of the controversial ingredient had been in the works for quite a while and that it had nothing to do with the petition. But Sarah Kavanaugh believes that the over 200,000 signatures her petition collected helped them make the move.

“When I went to Change.org to start my petition, I thought it might get a lot of support because no one wants to gulp down flame retardant, especially from a drink they associate with being healthy,” the girl said via a statement on Change.org. “But with Gatorade being as big as they are, sometimes it was hard to know if we’d ever win.” She described the news as “awesome.”

Sarah, FoodFacts.com thinks it’s awesome as well. We’re happy that PepsiCo responded to your petition and the voices of other health-conscious consumers. And we want to remind our community that by remaining active, involved and vocal, we can make changes in our food supply!

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/01/28/pepsico-replacing-gatorade-ingredient-also-found-in-fire-retardants/?intcmp=HPBucket#ixzz2JJkluzAe