hurricane-wind2 and the rest of the East Coast are awaiting the wrath of Hurricane Irene. Although we’ve been hit by hurricanes many times before, none have been quite the capacity of this one approaching. Therefore we have decided to quickly share some information we’ve found resourceful in regards to preparing for Irene.

First, and depending on your location, determine a safe evacuation route inland. So far, it appears the center of this hurricane will in some cases be on land. Prepare now and locate your community evacuation route.

Protect your home if you haven’t already. Stock up on plywood and boards to secure windows and glass.

Make sure to research the locations of nearby official shelters. In case there is significant damage to your home; you’ll want to find safe shelter close by. Most counties provide shelter areas for residents.

Double check your home for emergency equipment, such as flashlights, generators and battery-powered equipment like cell phones portable radios. Purchase batteries now just to be safe.

Prepare a first-aid kit with band-aids, rubbing alcohol, ace-bandages, and all the essentials.

Buy foods that will keep store and safe, clean drinking water. What we suggest are canned fruits and vegetables, including lentils and beans, dried fruits, wheat crackers, 100% fruit juice, cereals, etc.

It’s also important to double check that your vehicle is prepared with enough gas to travel. Also, make sure you have cash!

Stay safe!