Foodfacts.com has learned that Six kinds of mini-donuts have been recalled by Bimbo Bakeries USA Inc., because “they may develop an uncharacteristic smell and become moldy,” the company says. Three kinds of Entenmann’s Pop ‘Ems were pulled in California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah:

– Powdered Pop ‘Ems, 10-ounce package, UPC Code 72030-01570
– Cinnamon Pop ‘Ems, 10-ounce package, UPC Code 72030-01985
– Rich Frosted Pop ‘Ems, 10.5-ounce package, UPC Code 72030-01571

And three kinds of Bimbo’s Donitas mini-donuts were recalled in California, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming:
– Sugared Donitas, 8 count, 3.6-ounce package, UPC Code 74323-07039
– Powdered Donitas, 8 count, 4.0-ounce package, UPC Code 74323-04976
– Chocolate Frosted Donitas, 8 count, 4.3-ounce package, UPC Code 74323-09964

The Entenmann’s products come in blue and white bags with dates between May 11 and June 6 printed in a circle on the upper right portion of the package. The Donitas come in cellophane wrappers, with the same dates in the same locations on the packaging. Although serious health problems are unlikely from consuming the products, the company initiated the recall after receiving complaints from customers about an unpleasant odor and “temporary illness.”
If you’ve bought one of the products, take it back to the store for a full refund.