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As warmer weather approaches, so do new frosty treats from most fast-food restaurants. Despite a few attempts made to introduce healthier menu options, many franchises opt for sugar-filled desserts to drive in larger profits. It’s no secret that many sweet treats sold by large chains such as Burger King, McDonald’s and Wendy’s are big hits with many consumers. Today we’ll look closely at 3 new products introduced by Wendy’s earlier this summer.

Many are familiar with the Frosty, a major staple on the Wendy’s drive-thru menu. This thick chocolate combination between ice cream and a milk shake is a major money-maker, and thus drove the company to create 3 more varieties. This summer we were introduced to the Caramel Apple Frosty Parfait, the Wild Berry Frosty Parfait, and the Oreo Frosty Parfait. The word parfait is most likely to trigger “healthy” in many minds, however, these products don’t contain ingredients most would consider a parfait (i.e. yogurt). In fact, these items contain only ice cream and toppings, so technically they are just glorified sundaes.
Caramel Apple Frosty “Parfait”: For starters, this product is 400 calories. Also, there is 5g or 25% your daily value from saturated fat, which is significantly high for just a treat. The kicker, there is also 57g of sugar, which is a little over 14 teaspoons. The sugars are most likely derived from the unnecessary caramel sauce, the brown sugar, and the apples which are also listed next to a few preservatives to keep their freshness. If you have trouble controlling blood glucose levels, or have GI sensitivities to massive amounts of sugar, you may want to think twice before ordering this item. There are about 25 ingredients in this frosty parfait, none of which contain yogurt, or any produce any type of benefits. We do know there are a few controversial ingredients, including high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, natural flavors, and carrageenan (a hidden form of MSG.)
Wild Berry Frosty Parfait: The calorie content is slightly lower than the Caramel Apple option, with about 320kcal. The saturated fat is about 23% the daily value, and provides 30mg of cholesterol. Although lower than the Caramel Apple variety, this frosty parfait is equipped with a high 48 grams of sugar. The blueberries and strawberries covered with preservatives, along with carrageenan and artificial flavors cancel out any thoughts of this item being a sensible snack.
Oreo Frosty Parfait: Finally, the Oreo Frosty Parfait, which is already doomed to be the least healthiest choice. This menu option contains 400 calories, 30% the daily value for saturated fat, 220mg of sodium, 56 grams of sugar, and approximately 50 ingredients. Chocolate syrup, Oreo chunks, artificial vanilla flavor, two sources of added high fructose corn syrup, and carrageenan make up what many believe to be a ‘healthy’ after dinner snack. However, anyone who is able to successfully finish this parfait is most likely to crash after the amount of sugar and controversial ingredients they’ve consumed.

Carefully read labels and menu options before you grab your next frosty treat!