California Menu Labeling Ordinance

California Menu Labeling Ordinance

Get The Facts members and blog subscribers who reside in California are probably aware of the state’s Menu Labeling Ordinance. it is being watched by other states as a possible model of things to come.

Known as the Labeling Education and Nutrition Act (LEAN), the bill SB 1420, overrides a patchwork of city and local ordinances passed in California, and is a move which was supported by many trade organizations as it will clarify requirements across the state.

While legal requirements are much clearer, you might be facing some big decisions. We know you don’t need an “armchair nutritionist” who will mono-focus on the numbers without understanding a company’s brand, their operations, their guests’ needs and their long term goals.

The state has already experienced success in blending applied nutrition with a chef-driven approach and their focus on flavor informs all of their work on nutritional analysis.

For consumers, this is an interesting trend. Politics aside, once state government does get involved in menu labeling legislation, many believe that it further empowers consumers to make intelligent restaurant food choices. is interested to know if you would support such a movement within your state? Please let us know in our comments section.

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