Buttery Spread

Buttery Spread

Our recent post about margarine got me thinking. Is the Buttery Spread Light I have been using OK? Are there any controversial ingredients?

It was a long relationship. We danced around any thought of bad stuff because the experience was tasty and satisfying. Buttery added so much to my life, enhancing my taste buds with all of the savory foods I enjoy. But, alas…all good things come to an end.

Yes, for sure. In fact, I was faced with a bit of a shocker. My fave spread has something called TBHQ and luckily my FoodFacts membership revealed what I had been taking in.  “Petroleum based…may cause vomiting, nausea…delirium…a dose of 5g is considered fatal.”

Now, where else could I learn this? Not from the food manufacturers, that’s for sure. We should all be aware that  their nutrition labeling is meaningless without an objective definition of what these ingredients are all about. You’ll only get that information from FoodFacts, the world’s most comprehensive and only objective food ingredient database.

For just pennies a day, FoodFacts is a site that you will definitely want to use. I’m sure glad I checked this product out! And I’m really glad I am a FoodFacts member.