Swine Flu

Swine Flu

Like everyone else these days, the staff at Foodfacts.com has been concerned about possible outbreaks of the dreaded swine flu. This intense interest, and widespread media coverage of swine flu, got us to thinking: do we really know about all of the ingredients in the vaccine?

Our informal poll indicates that many feel the vaccine might be unsafe, or insufficiently tested. Some folks are even opting not to receive the immunization because they don’t think the flu is that serious. They’ve heard that this flu is relatively mild and are willing to take their chances. While the symptoms and fatality rates might not be any worse than with the “regular” flu, the H1N1 flu is much more contagious.

Each of us is not only a potential victim but a potential carrier. The more people that opt out of vaccination, the more widespread the outbreak will be, and, ultimately, the more fatalities we will likely see. And unlike with the regular flu, the majority of these deaths will occur in people under the age of 50.

Any vaccination has risks and benefits, and we each have to weigh them for ourselves. Here’s hoping you and your family remain healthy this year.

Foodfacts.com recommends that our members and blog readers research and learn more about it.Of course, you are the ultimate judge. Although our primary mission is to deliver objective and independent information about the hidden ingredients within all of the foods you eat, we are equally concerned about issues that impact general health and well-being as well.