With obesity rampant in the United States, and food allergies growing, consumers are increasingly concerned about the ingredients within the foods they eat. The situation worsens each year.

Consumers don’t know where to turn. Medical professionals, dieticians and nutritionists can help, but they are frequently not consulted until illness strikes or major adverse food reactions become apparent.

The key, according to industry professionals, is for consumers to become proactive. Objective resources and tools are needed to assist consumers in making the right choices.

Enter FoodFacts.Com, a website dedicated to providing the health and nutrition-minded consumer with trusted and objective information about the ingredients – and the ingredients within the ingredients – that comprise the foods we eat. It is well known by now that enhanced nutritional awareness can significantly contribute to better health and promotes a general sense of well being.

Food Facts.Com offers searchable information about more than 9,000 food ingredients and 50,000 food items, along with a powerful online community ready to help consumers get on track to a healthier lifestyle. Complete ingredient breakdowns sourced from multiple sources are presented to the consumer, including information from the FDA, USDA, UPC food labels and manufacturer labeling. The key components to the site are its comprehensiveness and objectivity, since FoodFacts.com is independent and not associated with any restaurants, distributors or food companies.

A significant amount of the searchable nutritional and ingredient information on FoodFacts.com is free to users, while members can create a personal profile that offers accessibility to a multitude of important features and services. Members can create nutritionally effective diets and can easily track their foods, the ingredients and their goals. The site’s community functions, along with its compelling promotion of the benefits of interactivity, allows members to share their favorite recipes, nutritional insights and experiences as they progress and improve their nutritional lifestyle.

FoodFacts.com’s founder, Stan Rak, has been on a mission for many years to deliver objective information about the ingredients listed within everyday food items. He has always noticed a lack of “real” information provided to the consumer and believes that only a non-biased, comprehensive consumer resource like FoodFacts.com can provide the essential information for consumers to embark on lifestyles with improved nutrition and better health.

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