Food Facts Health Score | Food

Food Facts Health Score | Food

Nutrition and health-conscious consumers are in for some good news. The widely acclaimed Food Facts Health Score is now available on products.

How It Works

More comprehensive than Weight Watchers, the groundbreaking Food Facts Health Score system rates over 75,000 food products based on complete nutrition and ingredient value. FFHS is an innovative scoring system that evaluates foods based on multiple dimensions of nutrition and assigns those foods a numeric rating between 0 and 100 (zero being least nutritious and 100 being best). This system goes above and beyond current food rating programs, including the Weight Watchers Point System, by offering a more complete assessment of food nutrition and ingredients value across brands. The Food Facts Health Score helps users gauge not just calories and fiber, but product ingredients and vitamins that are essential building blocks for healthier food. is the only one in the world to do this. offers no medical advice or opinions on any food products or ingredients. Their goal is to be the most credible and comprehensive source of food ingredients, nutritional values, chemical substances and additives in the world. empowers people who are concerned about the food they eat with choices and more awareness.

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