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  • M&M's Has 3 New Flavors For You To Vote On: Vote For None Of Them!


    M&M’s has released three new flavors nationwide as part of its fan Flavor Vote contest. The three new flavors are crunchy espresso, crunchy mint and crunchy raspberry. M&M’s is encouraging fans to try each flavor and vote for their favorite one. Fans have until May 25 to vote and then the winning flavor will be announced in August and remain on store shelves nationwide for 18 months. Curious about trying the new flavors and wish to cast your vote? You may want to reconsider. Unfortunately, all three of the new M&M’s flavors are loaded with controversial ingredients that you probably don’t want to put in your body. Find out more below!

    No Actual Coffee, Mint Or Raspberries Are In These M&M’s

    Via our FoodFacts app, you can view the complete list of ingredients as well as nutrition per serving for each of the new M&M’s flavors. First, taking a look at the M&M’s Crunchy Espresso Chocolate Candies, you’ll notice that it contains zero actual coffee. Instead, what gives the product an espresso taste is natural and artificial flavors. Similarly, M&M’s Crunchy Mint Chocolate Candies contains no actual mint and instead uses natural and artificial flavors to give it that minty taste. Likewise, M&M’s Crunchy Raspberry Chocolate Candies contains not a single raspberry and instead uses natural and artificial flavors to achieve its flavor profile. Now that you know this sad truth, the new M&M’s flavors might not seem as appealing or appetizing after all.

    All Three Flavors Are Loaded With Sugar & Artificial Coloring

    When comparing each of the three product’s ingredients and nutrition, you’ll notice that they’re all basically the same. Each M&M’s flavor contains 16 grams of sugar per serving (23 pieces / 1 oz), which is derived from primarily sugar, corn syrup and dextrose. Additionally, each M&M’s flavor contains an alarming number of artificial colors: red 40, yellow 6, yellow 5, blue 1, blue 2, red 40 lake and yellow 6 lake. As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, these artificial colors can be harmful to your body and are linked with causing allergic reactions, hypersensitivity disorder and possibly cancer.

    Don’t Give Into The Hype

    Thus, it should probably come as no surprise that each of these new M&M’s flavors scored an F on our food-rating system. There’s just simply way too many controversial ingredients lurking in each bag of M&M’s. For these reasons, we suggest you skip trying the new flavors and choose not to vote for any of them. Don’t feed into this unhealthy food marketing strategy and instead continue to make consciously healthy food decisions. The more positive, healthy measures you put in place for yourself, the more you will be unphased by the latest junk food craze. Remember, knowing and understanding what’s in your food gives you power!