Annatto and IBS sufferers

Annatto and IBS sufferers
Tuesday, 20 November 2012
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  • how would I know if this was in any of the baby food I am buying?
    groups.wall 24 days ago
  • Thank you. I am recently self-diagnosed with all dairy, wheat and gluten allergies. Sometimes I am no so sure though. I never heard of this annatto, but it sounds interesting. How would I recognize it since it is not required to be listed? Any possible signs I can look for?

    Thanks again for sharing!
    groups.wall 494 days ago
    Ashley Shari I also suffer with all of those allergies and have been diagnosed with celiacs! how long have you been avoiding these foods? I have been for almost a year now?24 days ago

Annatto B160B [see Wiki and IBSnomore] is a natural food color and is not required by the FDA to be listed.  The medical industry is resistant to acknowledge it.  This is an extremely harmful product which poisons people for years without their understanding - they think they have IBS, acid reflux, etc. I suffered for over 40 years before I learned it was from annatto.  I want to raise awareness and have it labeled as an allergen.

Since annatto is a natural food color it is not required by the FDA to be listed as an ingredient.  This makes it extremely difficult to avoid consumption and thus easier to reintroduce it into your system causing a reaction. 

Annatto can affect every organ of your body with long term exposure.  The stomach is usually the first organ affected within 20 minutes: anywhere from a mild "heartburn" feeling to extreme nausea advancing to headaches and GI issues.

This group has been created to help people who suffer from annatto to share their experiences and tips for avoiding it.  Also by sharing products discovered to contain annatto [whether it is labeled or not] to help others to avoid accidental consumption.

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