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Cheater Eaters|Searching Solutions
Tuesday, 12 February 2013
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Cheater Eaters|Searching Solutions

I created this group for myself & others who aren't clinically overweight, don't have an unhealthy appearance, & are able to eat what they want without much concern, courtesy of personal attributes/reasons. (e.g. high metabolism, limited diet for whatever reasons, medication side effects, eating disorder, etc.)
Regardless of the aforementioned; we are in no way/shape/form living healthy lifestyles, practicing healthy habits, or following healthy diet plans.
Although the fortunate characteristics, we desire to learn about living healthily, practice healthy routines, & eventually develop habits for living a truly healthy lifestyle.

Group Name Explanation: 

The group name reflects my personal unhealthy habits. "Cheater Eater" represents my eating disorder— Bulimia: bingeing & purging. I have received professional care & recovered a great deal of control, but continue to endure struggles. However, I am hopeful & determined to conquer the disorder with continuous recovery practice — Searching Solutions. 



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