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  • Interested In Trying Trendy Black Colored Foods Infused With Squid Ink & Activated Charcoal? Go For It!


    Unlike the past food coloring trends such as unicorn inspired foods and drinks, this new trend of eating black colored foods is actually one we can approve of! Our reasoning is simple: Culinary chefs are creating black colored foods that are derived from natural sources like squid ink and activated charcoal, rather than using controversial ingredients like natural and/or artificial flavoring.

    Squid Ink

    More and more chefs are using this ingredient all over the world to enhance their dishes. For example, one of the most popular dishes is squid ink pasta. It’s also commonly added as a sauce to seafood, rice and vegetable dishes. Squid ink is a deep black color that offers a rich flavor. The unique flavor comes from the high amounts of glutamic acid found in the ink. The glutamic acid adds as much rich flavor as salt or fat would, thus making it a better ingredient to add to a dish instead of salt. However, as a word of caution, if you are sensitive to other sources of glutamates, like MSG, you may want to avoid using squid ink. Additionally, squid ink is high in iron as well as antioxidants.

    Activated Charcoal

    This ingredient has also been showing up in more foods, such as ice cream, ice cream cones, hamburger buns, smoothies and pizza crusts. Activated charcoal is the byproduct of burning coconut shells and even though it is from coconuts, it doesn’t have a strong coconut flavor. Instead, the flavor is rather mild and earthy, which makes it ideal to add to multiple types of different foods. Activated charcoal is safe to eat, but contrary to the hype, you shouldn’t eat excess amounts of it because you think it will help you health-wise. We say this since many sources lately are try to make activated charcoal seem like a magical way to detoxify your body, since its “activated” negative charge component helps to bind and remove chemicals from the body. Luckily, though, when charcoal is added in food it is typically a very low dosage, so feel free to have fun trying a tasty, soft-serve ice cream cone this season infused with charcoal!

    Go Ahead And Give This New Food Trend A Try

    We love being able to tell you that you can go ahead and try this fun new food trend without worrying about what kinds of artificial flavors and chemicals are responsible for giving the food it’s unique hue. So, the next time you’re out to dinner or looking for a new recipe to make at home, why not opt for a dish that’s infused with either squid ink or activated charcoal and let us know what you thought of it. We’d love to know!