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Many of us have experienced some type of allergy, and there is often no cure. Experts know that allergies can be controlled, but it can be difficult to avoid everyday foods. The problem is also compounded by the fact that food sensitivities and allergies are very prevalent in our society.

Some experts have indicated that, while we might not be able to get rid of our own allergies right now, we might be able to protect our children against them and an onslaught of other things, like asthma. Infant food allergies have been on the increase for years and are a blight on the lives of children and those who love them.

An Infant Food Allergy Can Be Prevented When Mother Drinks Organically Produced Milk

A link has been found between what a lactating mother drinks, what their children drink after breastfeeding, and child allergies, and it is shown that drinking organic milk while lactating, and feeding that milk to your child, might decrease the risk of the child developing allergies.

Women who drank organic milk produced more of an antibody that protected the child against health problems like allergies, asthma, and other things that would stay with the child throughout their entire life.

This link, scientists think, might open up new health discoveries,and the results of this study are going to fuel countless more with the hope that organic food can help improve not only the prevention of child allergies, but relief for other conditions, mental and physical.

Source:  Vic Errington | Kris Bovay