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High Blood Pressure | Foodfacts.com

High blood pressure can kill a person silently. Every day, it is gnawing at the organs and you do not know it or feel it. It is a silent enemy that many times shows itself when it is too late to do something about it. It shows up when the person is having trouble with his eyes, or his liver or kidneys. A small stroke or heart attack can result, and this is when they generally find out. But the damage has already been done.

Foodfacts.com has learned that there are several ways to prevent or lower high blood pressure naturally; the first thing to do is determine if the person’s permanent blood pressure is above 140/90. If it is, the person has hypertension. Weight is one of the reasons and the first action that must be taken is to lose weight. Jumping in one of those crash diets is not going to help; it may even make the problem greater. A person with high blood pressure must lose weight slowly; a rate of one pound per week is more than enough. The weight must be reduced slowly because the heart needs to readjust gradually to the new condition. Another reason is that when you lose weight slowly it is harder for you to gain it again.

Exercise is also necessary to lower blood pressure naturally; a slow methodical but light exercise routine. Strenuous exercise is not recommended because it will raise your blood pressure even more, possibly even to dangerous levels where a heart attack or brain stroke can be provoked. Slow easy exercise is recommended a brisk walk around the park is probably the best option.

Any kind of tobacco consumption is also totally negative for high blood pressure. The causes of this have not really been defined but it has been proven that tobacco smoking direct or indirectly will raise blood pressure. Alcohol is acceptable in a very moderate consumption and only if medicine for the blood pressure has not been prescribed. When they say moderate it means a glass of wine or a beer, not scotch or tequila. Beverages with a low content of alcohol are okay once in a while and in small dosages.

Sugar filled drinks and foods are also to be avoided. Soft drinks and donuts, candy, chocolate bars, all these have loads of sugar which will raise the patient’s blood pressure the minute they reach the intestine and are absorbed by the blood stream.

Sodium is also to be avoided; by sodium we need regular, every day salt. Salt substitutes and sugar substitutes are recommended for hypertension. Coffee will also cause pressure to rise but it in moderate quantities and using a sugar substitute is acceptable if drunk with moderation.

A diet low on fat which includes fat-free dairy products and meats is also necessary to lower blood pressure naturally. Food must be cooked in special unsaturated oils if necessary. Fries, hamburgers, pizza, all of these goodies are definitely unacceptable. Hypertension is a very serious disease that may lead to severe damage to various vital organs, including the eyes and will eventually lead to death of the patient. Regular control of blood pressure, daily if possible is also a must because if it peeks medication and/or hospitalization will be necessary immediately.

Many people live normal lives with hypertension, once they are medicated and change their eating habits they can almost forget the danger but a person diagnosed with hypertension can never lower his or her guard. He must always be prepared for any event. Even stress and anger can shoot pressure through the roof and provoke a stroke or heart attack. Doctors recommend that even if a person is not overweight, smoke or have any of the symptoms mentioned above they should check their blood pressure at least once every month just to make sure every thing is okay and well.

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