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  • High-Five To Hy-Vee: Artificial Ingredients To Be Removed From 1,000 Store-Brand Food Products

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    If you shop at a Hy-Vee supermarket and regularly purchase their store-brand food products you’re in for some good news: Hy-Vee recently released a statement saying that they plan on removing over 200 artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals in 1,000 of their store-brand products by July 2018. This plan of action is part of Hy-Vee’s Clean Honest Ingredients label initiative that was developed because the company recognizes that, “As a demand increases for food products that contain natural, familiar and simple ingredients, we are doing our best to meet those expectations within our Hy-Vee label offerings.”

    Clean Honest Ingredients Label & List Of Artificial Ingredients To Be Removed

    Though the full transition is not expected to be completed until July 2018, some Hy-Vee food products have already undergone the removal of artificial chemicals from their ingredients. Those products include  ketchup, almond butter, tortilla chips and bottled tea. All food products that have been updated will have the current Hy-Vee brand packaging as well as the Clean Honest Ingredients logo, which signifies that the product is free of artificial ingredients.

    At FoodFacts, we are pleased to hear that Hy-Vee is removing several harmful ingredients from their food products. Some of those ingredients are added sugars like high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors like vanillin and artificial colors such as red 40 and yellow 5. Other ingredients are artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose, preservatives like BHT and BHA, flavor enhancers like MSG, as well as various nitrates and parabens.

    Use Our FoodFacts App To Check Hy-Vee Products For Other Controversial Ingredients

    It’s great that Hy-Vee is taking out so many artificial ingredients and synthetic chemicals from their products, however there are ingredients being left in that still leave cause for concern. Some ingredients in particular are natural coloring and natural flavoring. Since manufacturers aren’t required to disclose exactly what ingredients make up a natural flavor or color, it could potentially be made of or have come in contact with an ingredient you’re allergic to.

    That’s why our FoodFacts app is your ultimate guide to showing you every controversial ingredient a Hy-Vee product contains! All you have to do is simply scan the UPC code on the packaging and the food product will pop up on our app. From there you can view the food product’s score, which is calculated based on its ingredients (full list available) and nutrition. You can also be alerted of ingredients you are or may be allergic to by customizing your profile and denoting your specific allergens. Additionally, you can use our app to look up and scan food products from tons of other brand-name and private label food products to ensure that all of the food and beverages you purchase are free of controversial ingredients and/or allergens.

    Positive Strides Towards A Healthier, Real And Not Artificial Future

    Hy-Vee’s commitment to make such a drastic change to 1,000 of their store-brand food products is definitely a step in the right direction towards making packaged foods and beverages better and healthier for us to consume. It’s a positive action that we hope more supermarkets will adopt in the near future, too, because whether you’re buying a Hy-Vee brand product or any other brand, all food products should be completely free of controversial ingredients. And once again, that is also why we encourage you to utilize our FoodFacts app to help you better understand what is really in the foods you’re eating so you can live a happier and healthier life!