Genetically Modified Soy

Genetically Modified Soy

How GMOs Affect Those With Peanut and Soy Allergy

Think that the food you are consuming is safe from genetically modified ingredients (GMOs)? Our research indicates that, if you are eating processed foods, think again.

Robyn O’ Brien, Author of The Unhealthy Truth states that nearly 75% of processed foods contain genetically modified organisms. Due to the increase in soy production from minimized costs, the percentage is only getting higher. What is genetically modified soy and where is it found? It may likely include but not be limited to:

* Vegetable oil and margarines made from soy, corn, canola and/or cottonseed
* Meat, eggs and dairy products from animals that eat GM feed
* Any ingredients derived from corn
* Any ingredients derived from soybeans
* Food additives such as MSG or ‘natural flavors’

Genetically Modified Soy (GM Soy)

According to GMO Compass, an online mecca of GMO industry information, 91% of soybeans grown in the US are genetically modified. Soybeans are genetically modified by inserting an herbicide resistant gene taken from bacteria into the soybean. This makes the soybean crop resistant to glyphosate or glufosinate herbicides, thereby increasing the amount of crop produced in a shorter span of time. More crop means more money for the soy industry; but at who’s expense?

GM Soy: A Public Health Risk?

There was a study conducted at the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of theRussian Academy of Sciences that says yes.

Flour from a genetically modified soya bean, (created by the brand Monsanto to be resistant to its pesticide) was added to the food of female rats two weeks before they conceived, throughout pregnancy term and after. They found that 55.6 percent of the young of those having been born to the mothers fed the diet with GM soya died within three weeks of being born, compared to the only 9 percent of young who were fed normal soya and the 6.8 percent who were not fed soya at all.

This GM soya is being added to processed food in the USA and Americans are consuming it. It is in practically everything, from your local grocery store’s chips section to your nearest fast-food chain.