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Foodfacts is the largest, most comprehensive internet source for nutrition facts, nutritional information, nutrient content, food allergies and food ingredients.

Our History

For many years leading up to the launch of our site, the FoodFacts.Com founder, Stan Rak, noticed a significant amount of confusion and misinformation about the ingredients in everyday foods. Also, most consumers were unaware of the "hidden ingredients," or the ingredients within the ingredients, that are in specific food items. Nutritional value and nutrient content were more of a mystery than not. 

The time was right to launch exhaustive research about these ingredients, and the eventual compilation of a comprehensive database of over 50,000 food items and their ingredients. 

FoodFacts.com offers searchable information about specific foods and their ingredients, with free information provided to consumers. The site provides detailed information on over 12,000 common and not so common food ingredients. Foods, ingredients, chemical substances and additives can be searched by a number of common and easy to find search parameters. With FoodFacts.com, consumers can easily identify those ingredients they'd like to avoid and those they'd like to include more of in their diet. Food allergies like peanut, egg, dairy, soy and gluten no longer need to be hidden in their food ingredients. They're easily identifiable, along with sugar, fat, calorie, protein and carbohydrate content. FoodFacts.com makes it easy to follow any diet or incorporate healthy food, healthy recipes and healthy eating into any lifestyle.

Company Values

FoodFacts.com is dedicated to being the most credible and comprehensive resource on food ingredients to promote the enjoyment of optimum nutrition and health. Our constant and steadfast approach to expanding services, database information and enhancing our community interaction platforms, is a significant part of this commitment to the consumer.

What We Believe

FoodFacts.com believes in giving the consumer the straight facts, objectively and directly, without any bias or filtering! This is refreshingly a total, holistic approach to consumer nutritional information and education. We have a relentless commitment to move forward with the most comprehensive and advantageous "one stop" source of ingredients and nutritional information available on the Internet today. We will settle for no less. 

As a result, FoodFacts.com subscribers enjoy a vast array of tools, resources and information. The site has been conceived to provide members with a personal nutritional profile that offers many extremely valuable features. Members can set up their own personal nutritional profiles, including "avoidance lists." This provides a convenient way to determine what specific ingredients from the database are actually in the foods they commonly eat and enjoy. 

The site's features and services have been carefully constructed from the beginning to offer those members with specific food allergies an alert when a researched food product contains an allergen. 

Health and nutritionally-minded consumers have discovered FoodFacts.Com to be especially useful. Individuals with food allergies and sensitivities appreciate the site's comprehensive features, while dieters, expectant mothers and parents have also been very enthusiastic about the site and its usefulness as a healthy resource.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about this site.

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