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the real deal confrontation
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TOPIC: the real deal confrontation

the real deal confrontation 1 year, 5 months ago #78

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But their ,Jerseys from china,own how to do it themselves this season also prepared to continue to weight gain, the Yao name said the weight gain is not Kupa De the kind of weight gain, but the real deal increased muscle through diet and training, see Yao names now arm, and then comparing the Body when he first entered the league, that he would increase the dozens of pounds are muscle.

Weight gain one hand, in order to increase the resistance capability, strong beat all opponents almost Union Yao names were moving world, is the league only he can Yingkang O'Neal, Yao shark showdown may be just a gimmick, recently Yao shark showdown, but the real deal confrontation.

Yao, one aspect of the weight gain is a requirement of the team and coach, Van Gundy after the Yao name, he kept weight gain, on the other hand is its own needs, had to gain weight for the game, the the Yao name has tasted to the sweetness of the weight, let him give up naturally a bit reluctant.

"Weight loss is necessary, Cheap Nike jerseys,in order to long - term consideration, otherwise you have to reduce the amount of training and playing time, be able to recover through the rest of the degree of the line, but this is still in the adventure, because you can not grasp a day training and rest time, so the best case is to lose weight. "like treat Steven, of Ami Erke Professor Yao names recommended weight loss.

", Professor Ami Erke, these data what I can come up with to go to someone else look at it?" Yao names looked hands detection analysis report asked Professor Amitabh Erke, he could not because listened to him, one of the words, and went to make the decision to change career.

"No, this is my project, Elilte nfl jerseys,is still kept in secret, the results you can come up with to go, but these data and the theoretical formula can not be disclosed, I am sorry." Professor Ami Erke, directly rejected the Yao name Yao names there is no way to discuss with Stephen after two people side by side to leave here.

No one to speak, the way Stephen now there is an expectation that is their own body weight is not too serious, just Ami Turk brought to frighten own, co-star of the play with the team, Yao names this embarrass more Yao names now have been very dangerous, according to the results of his and he told Spurs nothing Ami Turk worthwhile to play this game.

"Stephen, how do you look at it, we have encountered the same problem?" Yao turned round to ask Steven.

"I think it would rather believe it, its not credible good anyway, losing weight is not always a bad thing for the body, Cheap nfl jerseys,especially for your body, your weight is really a great burden, especially in the paint, so intense confrontation, my problem here is not too serious, but I have to change the play, after minimize dunk like behavior. "Steven is also a bit depressing, but with Yao name reference contrast, feeling suddenly reduce his pain, but the mood is not manifested only try to pretend said bitter look.

"This time you're not so depressed, as the exam, suddenly found a classmate worse than their own test, do not hold the laugh to Come." Yao Chong Steven smiled, and then directed Stephen's heart, Stephen suddenly felt embarrassed, but still laughed.

Yao names but my mind was in admiration Sure enough, as others say, do not look long look full of simple and honest, but in reality, what they do is very clever, regardless of IQ or EQ is very high, but really like the name Yao said with Yao's opponent, Stephen is not so bad.

Yao brother, cheap nhl jerseys wholesale,you prepare in the end how to do? "Steven asked with concern, regardless of the relationship of color or two people get along, feeling the body of Stephen Yao is a Big Brother feel, and this Big Brother any connection with Robert Horry's kind of different, after all, the age of the two people is not such a big gap.

"I do not know, listen to the views of the parents want to go home, and then look at the reaction of the team over how, really, did not expect to encounter such a thing." Yao scratched his head, injured enough depressed people, and then want the future will often injured, it is more frustrating.
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