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  • Food Fact Friday: You Might Have To Try A Food 12 Times Before You Like It

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    Whether you’re a picky eater or not, there are probably some foods you just don’t like…or at least think you don’t like. Perhaps you also have a child that’s a little bit of a picky eater when it comes to trying certain foods. It could be because of the taste of a particular food, its smell or its texture. Regardless of you or your child’s reason, the answer might actually be that either of you haven’t tried it enough times. An article from Ohio State University stated that it may take you about 12 tries to like a food. Wow, that’s definitely more tries than we thought! Alas, we’re here to offer you and your family some tips on how to give more foods a try, or rather, several tries.

    Start Out With Small Portions Until You Figure How You Like Them Prepared

    When you prepare a meal and incorporate one food your family is not particularly fond of, introduce it to everyone’s taste palate in small portion sizes and experiment with new ways to prepare it. This will help to not overwhelm you or your family and make the challenge to try the food less daunting. For example, if you’re trying get your family to like zucchini more, only chop up one or two instead of a three or four. Sauté that portion of the zucchini to have with dinner and see how you all like it. If the consensus is that you and/or others didn’t like how it tasted sautéed, then use the other two zucchinis for tomorrow’s dinner and try grilling it instead. See if you and your family like the zucchini better grilled and if that’s the case, then now you know how to prepare it in a way that everyone enjoys eating it. But if they still aren’t liking the taste of the it, try preparing it a different way next week and so forth, until you figure out a recipe you all like how the zucchini tastes in. There are so many recipes that you can grab online that you could try zucchini or any other food easily 12 times.

    Lead By Example & Make Trying New Foods Fun For Your Kids 

    Just like how the article from Ohio State University suggests, parents need to lead by example and eat the same foods that they’re trying to get their children to eat. So if you’re not a fan of asparagus but you want your child to eat it, you’re going to have to try it with them as well to set a good example. When a child sees you try a food, it can encourage them to try it, too.

    Often times the foods that kids don’t like are healthy ones like fruits and vegetables. They may think those foods aren’t fun or tasty to eat. That’s when you might have to get a little creative with how you plate their food. Try filling the plate with foods that are colorful and with shapes that make it more fun for them to eat it. You can also give your child options to choose from that are both healthy. For example, if it’s snack time you could ask them if they’d like some watermelon or carrot sticks. Your child will be excited that they are the ones that get to choose and you’ll be happy that they’re eating a healthy snack and ultimately trying more fruits and veggies.

    Use Our FoodFacts App To Find More Healthy Foods To Try

    As you roam the supermarket aisles in search of more healthy foods for you and your family to try, use our FoodFacts app to ensure that the food products you pick are healthy and not full of controversial ingredients. Checking to see if a food product is free of natural and artificial flavors/colors as well as preservatives and added sugar, is equally as important as making the effort to try a food 12 times or until you like it. So many products, specifically processed foods, contain controversial ingredients, which is why we recommend using our app that will show you exactly what’s in the ingredients of every product as well as the nutrition facts.

    The hard work you put into eating healthy and trying new foods is something you should be proud of, and something that shouldn’t be overturned by food products that contain potentially harmful ingredients. With our app as your handy tool on your phone, you can make sure you’re only introducing good, wholesome foods to you and your family’s taste palates.