In an online world where consumers are bombarded with claims, factual innuendo and facts that are not always attributable, consumers are hungry for objective and relevant information of all types. This is especially the case with websites delivering information about health and nutrition topics. Consumers are often confused, and sometimes totally misinformed.

The harsh reality is that health and nutrition-minded consumers are especially seeking information they can reply upon and trust., a comprehensive site dedicated to providing information about food items and ingredients, has taken all of this into account with its launch.
Many sites inform the consumer about what ingredients to avoid and what products contain the ingredients, but none currently identify all of the products with those ingredients and identify both the ingredients and the ingredients within the ingredients. One of the secrets to the immediate success and popularity of is the quick, easy and convenient way the information is delivered. When you add to the mix that food alerts are available, it all makes for an empowered and enlightened consumer.

The time is right. Obesity is rampant in the United States, and food allergies and sensitivities are becoming more prevalent, at an alarming rate. addresses these issues and allows for food enthusiasts to become more proactive and knowledgeable about all of the foods they eat.

FoodFacts.Com offers searchable information about more than 9,000 food ingredients and 50,000 food items, along with a powerful online community ready to help consumers get on track to a healthier lifestyle. Complete ingredient breakdowns sourced from multiple sources are presented to the consumer, including information from the FDA, USDA, UPC food labels and manufacturer labeling. The key components to the site are its comprehensiveness and objectivity, since is independent and not associated with any restaurants, distributors or food companies.

A significant amount of the searchable nutritional and ingredient information on is free to users, while members can create a personal profile that offers accessibility to a multitude of important features and services. Members can create nutritionally effective diets and can easily track their foods, the ingredients and their goals. The site’s community functions, along with its compelling promotion of the benefits of interactivity, allows members to share their favorite recipes, nutritional insights and experiences as they progress and improve their nutritional lifestyle.’s founder, Stan Rak, has an intense dedication to deliver important and unbiased information about the ingredients listed within everyday food items. He always noticed a lack of significant information provided to the consumer and believes that only a non-biased, comprehensive consumer resource like can provide the essential information for consumers to embark on lifestyles with improved nutrition and better health.
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