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  • Enjoy The Foods You Love This Thanksgiving


    Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy this special holiday and have fun sharing wonderful moments with family and friends. We also hope you let yourself indulge in some of your favorite turkey day treats. The reason we say this is because each year it seems like more and more people scold themselves for enjoying their favorite, not-so-healthy Thanksgiving foods and we feel like that shouldn’t be. The foods you eat at Thanksgiving are typically once-a-year foods that are meant for you to savor and enjoy, instead of feeling guilty about eating.

    The growing pressure to not eat anything unhealthy during the holidays might actually be doing more harm than good, particularly when it comes to adding more stress to the holiday. Even though it’s great that there are so many tasty, healthy recipes now that you can make for your Thanksgiving feast, you should still keep some of your favorite traditional recipes as is. Doing this creates a balance and allows you to have a plate filled with half healthy food items and half not-so-healthy food items. You will be happier knowing that you satisfied your craving for your favorite turkey day dish and that you still ate enough of the other foods that have good nutrients for your body, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Additionally, you should try not to overindulge simply so that you don’t feel too bloated or have a sugar crash, but otherwise you should allow yourself to eat the dishes that you’ve always looked forward to all year and just focus on controlling your portion size.

    So go ahead and let yourself have a slice of your mom’s famous pumpkin pie or a big scoop of your uncle’s delectable buttery mashed potatoes because that little indulgence is not going to ruin your entire healthy living vibe you’ve got going on. Remember, it’s just one meal, and it’s a special one that should be shared with the people you love and the foods you love, too.

    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Food Facts!