For years now the poor little potato has been put down by most diet programs, especially by low-carb plans. It’s time to reassess. Guess what? You can eat that potato and be healthy and yes you can even lose weight, even though you’ve been told that it makes you fat!

In fact, did you know that the little old potato contains over 60 different vitamins and phytochemicals? There are flavonoids which can promote heart health and protect against lung and prostrate cancers. Additionally potatoes are high in potassium which is definitely a key player in high blood pressure. There’s also a generous amount of fiber in a potato. The calorie count is about 80-100 calories when the serving is small.

But let’s qualify this. We’re talking about a real potato not French fries here. In addition, we’re not saying you should literally smother it with sour cream, butter and bacon bits either. Some folks still enjoy putting on a dollop of Fage 0% fat yogurt and some salt and pepper on theirs. But it is also advisable to consider a small serving size, about three ounces. To balance blood sugar, eat your small potato with about three-four ounces of lean protein like chicken, fish or lean meat and a cup of so of healthy veggies. Eat your potato as part of a healthy balanced meal and this starchy vegetable can be a healthy addition to most diet plans.