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Dr. Oz show Anti-Inflammatory Diet excellent for those with chronic pain.
CORN was a cause, and it's an Allergy I have had since 1986.
olive oil Mayo I'll be making my own thanks for your website...

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    Signed up to looked up products that don't have corn in it. Thanks for the details.
    30 years of putting up with reading food labels. Not eating out, and cannot buy boxed products that other people who don't have a corn allergy enjoying eating; cheap over processed to death food. Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible saved my life. The antibiotic penicillin giving to me since the age of 2 1/2 caused the corn allergy and a penicillin allergy by the age of 24. That came first than all the pills they gave me to stop the allergy reaction chronic hives for the next 1 1/2 years caused nothing but the same issue. By the time I was tested corn was the biggest offender out of 12 different skin reactions. Using the Vitamin Bible a nurse gave me....poof two days latter no hives. She also gave me a self-help book that helped me change my entire diet. The Allergy Self-Help Book: A Step-By-Step Guide to Nondrug Relief of Asthma, Hay Fever, Headaches, Fatigue, Digestive Problems, and over 50 Other Allergy Related Health Sharon Faelten. I learned about food groups, and everything about corn and it's other names. I would not be writing this today without the help of a good friend. I often tell people think about it, most supplements good ones are corn free because it's an allergen. Fast forward to 2013, image a room full of popcorn at a Christmas party, just like the smell of peanuts, 5 minutes latter, my lips swelled and you that suffer know the rest. I am sick of people not realizing a corn allergy and a peanut allergy are to some people just as dangerous as the other. I hope to find someone here that has a corn allergy that might have some interesting new things. Japanese food has no corn, why do we have to put up with it. Thanks...
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