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  • Megan replied to the topic Re: Need more specifics on negatives of ingredients in the forum.
    Hi Katie,

    Thanks for posting in our forum!

    I'm excited to tell you that we are hard at work here at to update our entire ingredient database. I agree that there are some ingredients without enough information, and some that don't open to the right link. We are aware of this and have decided that the best way to resolve it is to re-format and re-evaluate all of our ingredients to make the information more accessible and more relevant.

    Keep checking back with us for the foodfacts you need to make healthy nutritional decisions!
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  • Megan replied to the topic Re: Intro in the forum.
    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for posting in the forum. As always, foodfacts recommends that you discuss any dietary or nutritional needs or concerns with a medical professional; we're here to provide information, but we can't provide medical advice.

    MSG is a big topic here at foodfacts, because it can be called many different things AND because your body can manufacture it out of free glutamates. We have an article on that here:

    It's important to note that products can claim "no MSG" and still contain either MSG or the free glutamates that become MSG in your body. While the FDA rules regarding labeling and glutamic acid are lax, the Canadian food labeling guide prohibits the use of "MSG Free" on any product unless it can be proven that there are no detectable glutamates in the product; this includes natural sources of free glutamates such as tomatoes and grapes. These can all cause reactions in those sensitive to glutamates, which is why we label it with an MSG icon - so that those sensitive to glutamates will have all relevant information available to them. We consider information from all major health sources, such as research institutes and governmental agencies (both US and foreign), when determining what may or may not be controversial.

    This can make MSG really hard to avoid; you may know to look out for yeast extract and hydrolyzed proteins, but not all msg-linked items are as easily identifiable. That's why our side lets members filter out foods with MSG or msg-linked ingredients!
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  • Megan replied to the topic Re: Keep us signed in in the forum.
    My name is Sarah and I'm the data manager here at FoodFacts. I wanted you to know that we got this suggestion and I'm bringing it up to the programming department right now. Hopefully this will be an option soon in the future!
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