ingredient information
Zinc Monomethionine
Zinc monomethionine (along with Zinc aspartate)is a very easily digestable zinc supplement. A very small amount of vitamin B6 increases the absorption of both zinc and magnesium in the body. Zinc itself is an essential element for humans. It forms a part of more than 100 enzymes involved in a multitude of metabolic processes, including growth and development, immune function, blood clotting and wound healing. Naturally occurs in meat (especially liver), fish (especially shellfish), lentils, green leafy vegetables, whole cereals (including wheat germ), brewer's yeast, cheese, milk, nuts, sunflower and sesame seeds. Toxic doses of zinc cause vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, stomach irritation, depressed immune function and anemia; excessive zinc doses may decrease the level of HDL ("good") cholesterol and increase the risk for heart disease.