ingredient information
Yellow 6
Yellow 6 Commonly known as Tartrazine, E110, or Sunset Yellow, Yellow 6 is a food coloring that is added to foods to produce an orange to yellow color. All dyes are considered additives by the FDA through the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) since it is not used for the purpose of consumption, but to improve the appearance of the product. It is the third-most-widely used dye, but evidence shows that the manufacturing process used to create the dye can also result in the production of a carcinogenic red dye called Sudan 1. Sudan 1 is a dye commonly found in solvents, oils, waxes, petrol, and shoe and floor polishes. If consumed, Sudan 1 can damage cellular DNA, or genetic material, to cause tumors. "Electronic Code of Federal Regulations." GPO Home Page. Title 21. Part 74, 12 May 2011. Web. 16 May 2011. . Gadher, Dipesh. "Risk to Health Posed by Sudan 1 - Times Online." The Times | UK News, World News and Opinion. 20 Feb. 2005. Web. 16 May 2011. . Poulter, Sean. "Food Colour Linked to Cancer | Mail Online." Home | Mail Online. 16 Sept. 2005. Web. 16 May 2011. .