ingredient information
Yellow 10 Aluminum Lake
D&C Yellow No. 10 is manufactured by condensing quinaldine with phthalic anhydride to give the unsulfonated dye, which is then sulfonated with oleum. The color additive D&C Yellow No. 10 may be safely used for coloring drugs generally in amounts consistent with current good manufacturing practice. Allowed in Drugs and Cosmetics only. Banned in Foods. The manufacturer doesn't want the color to run off if the pill gets a little wet. The answer is to use a dye in a lake form. A lake is a solid, non water soluble form of a dye. It's produced by mixing the dye with Aluminum Hydroxide. By itself Aluminum Hydroxide is a safe food ingredient and it's often sold as an antacid. When combined with Dye, the chemicals form a deep powder that can be applied to the outsides of tablets, gumballs and other solids. You may also notice this form listed in the ingredients as "Aluminum Lake source: