ingredient information
Wheat Gluten Vital
Also called "gluten flour", "instant gluten flour", "pure gluten flour", and "vital wheat gluten" depending on vendor and manufacturer. This is flour with the starch and bran removed. A protein that is contained in bread, cereal or flour, which forms elastic strands providing body to the food being prepared, such as bread when the bread dough is kneaded. It is the gluten that traps and holds the gas created as the kneading occurs, enabling the bread to rises more effectively. Different varieties of flour contain varying amounts of gluten, thus affecting the protein levels and the rising of the foods. Flour that is high in gluten is low in starch and high in protein. However, high gluten flours may create too much body in the food, making the texture tougher or harder than desired. Yeast breads are foods that use high gluten flours, but cakes generally would not.