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Vegetables Glycerine Natural
Vegetable glycerin is a colorless, odorless, viscous, nontoxic liquid with a very sweet taste and has literally thousands of uses. Glycerin is an alcohol and is used as a preservative in the food industry, as well as a sweetener: it is very sweet, yet it contains no sugar. This makes it an ideal sweetener for patients who cannot take sugar, such as the increasing number of Candida sufferers. Vegetable glycerin is said to be the "only acceptable sweetener" for Candida patients. This is a wonderful sugar substitute used in many of the recipes. It is not metabolized in the body like sugar or artificial sweeteners, so it does not form toxic elements to stress bodily functions. It does contain 80 calories per tablespoon so if one is diabetic calories must be taken into account. Also, add it at the end of any recipe that is cooked on the stove top to preserve sweetness.