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Ulva lactuca Linnaeus, a green alga in the division Chlorophyta, is the type species of the genus Ulva, also known by the common name sea lettuce. Contents [hide] 1 Description 2 Distribution 3 Ecology 4 Life history 5 Uses 6 References 7 Further reading 8 External links [edit] DescriptionUlva lactuca is a thin flat green alga growing from a discoid holdfast. The margin is somewhat ruffled and often torn. It may reach 18 cm or more in length, though generally much less, and up to 30 cm across.[1] The membrane is two cells thick, soft and translucent,[2] and grows attached, without a stipe, to rock by a small disc-shaped holdfast.[3] Green to dark green in color, this species in the Chlorophyta is formed of two layers of cells irregularly arranged, as seen in cross section. The chloroplast is cup-shaped with 1 to 3 pyrenoids. There are other species of Ulva which are similar and not always easy to differentiate.