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Sunflower Seeds Whole Grain
Sunflower seeds are 22% protein and contain 50% oil. For every 100 grams, sunflower seeds contain 30 grams of unsaturated fats and 30 milligrams of essential linoleic acid, which reduces cholesterol deposits in the arteries and veins. If you are trying to break an addiction to high-fat foods, they may be a healthy alternative and will satisfy fat cravings. One hundred grams of these tiny treasures contain 7 milligrams of iron compared to 2½ milligrams in the same serving of beef. Flour made from sunflower seeds is the richest source of iron in the world, second only to brewers yeast. Sunflower flour is easily made in a coffee grinder. Sunflower seeds are also filled with potassium which helps flush and reduce sodium in the body. These seeds are plentiful in magnesium and phosphorus which help the body absorb calcium. There are 174 milligrams of calcium in a cup of sunflower seeds. The calcium to phosphorus ratio makes the calcium readily available for the building of strong bones. Sunflower seeds are a strong source of B vitamins, especially thiamin and niacin which protects the health of the brain, skin and digestive tract. They will grow up to 8 feet tall, crowned with a huge flower, filled with developing seeds.