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Squash Yellow Roasted
Yellow crookneck squash is a variety of summer squash (species Cucurbita pepo) with bumpy, yellow skin and sweet flesh. The taste is closer to winter squashes than to summer squashes, although it is a short-season bearer. The squash are supposed to taste best when harvested at approximately 6 inches in length. This Cucurbitales article is a stub. Please help Wikipedia grow by expanding it. You can grow them and eat them. They are bumpy. Roasting is a cooking method that uses dry heat, whether an open flame, oven, or other heat source. Roasting usually causes caramelization or Maillard browning of the surface of the food, which is considered a flavour enhancement. Meats and most root and bulb vegetables can be roasted. Any piece of meat, especially red meat, that has been cooked in this fashion is called a roast. Also, meats and vegetables prepared in this way are described as "roast", e.g., roast chicken or roast squash.