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Rice Starch
Starches have been widely used as thickeners for the food industry for many years. The primary sources of food starches are corn, wheat, potato and tapioca. Rice starches are the little known secret of the starch world, comprising a very small percentage of the total starch usage. Don’t be fooled by the fact that rice starches are not as common as the other starch sources. They have many unique attributes that make them some of the most interesting starches in the food industry. Rice is the most widely consumed basic foodstuff in the world. Each year over 500 million tons of rice is harvested, providing sustenance to many countries and people throughout the world. The keys to the unique properties of rice starches are found in its many varieties. Due to different climates, soil characteristics and cultures, over 240,000 registered varieties of rice exist in the world. This variety leads to a wide range of rice starches with many different characteristics including: different starting gelatinization temperatures, textures, processing stabilities and viscosities. This means that a natural “native� rice starch may provide all the stability that a food processor will need without having to resort to chemical modifications.