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Rice Japonica Whole Grain Blend
Japanese rice, or japonica, is a short-grain variety of rice (Oryza sativa var. japonica) which is characterized by its unique stickiness and texture. It also comes in a variety called mochigome(???sticky rice) which is used for making mochi(?). Rice is sold either as brown rice, genmai(??), which must be polished by a machine(???seimaiki), or ready-polished. Sprouted brown rice hatsuga genmai(????) is also sold in smaller quantities. It has a softer texture than brown rice and a pleasant fragrance, yet retains the health benefits of brown rice.[citation needed] Most supermarkets in Japan sell ready-polished rice in 10 kg, 5 kg, and smaller bags. Brown rice is usually sold in 30 kg bags. Japonica should not be confused with Jasponica rice – a cross between the long-grained and fragrant Thai Jasmine rice and the sticky, soft Japanese rice. A spot with an automated rice polishing machine, called seimaijo (???), for polishing brown rice, are a common sight in rural Japan. The by-product of the polishing process, rice bran (???komenuka) can be used for making a kind of pickle called nukazuke (????) or recycled as fertilizer. The rice polishing machines typically polish a 10 kg amount for 100 yen.