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Potatoes Flakes Dehydrated
The principle involved in producing potato granules and potato flakes is in fact very simple. In practice, however, the process is slightly more complex. First you use steam to remove the peel. You then cut the potatoes up, blanch them briefly in water, cool them and eventually boil them into a mash. Finally, you dry them in what is known as an add-back process, with commercial potato granules as the final product. If, however, you want to produce potato flakes, the first part of the process is the same, but instead of drying the mashed potato substance in an add-back process, you use a large steam-heated drum that boils the potato mass whilst at the same time drying it into flakes. Unlike potato granules, these flakes bind water when cold, which makes it possible to use them to control the viscosity of your potato mass before you treat it further in order to produce various snacks. Potato granules and potato flakes both contain all the components of the potato – apart from the peel and water content. You can also use potato granules and potato flakes to make mashed potato products, or croquettes and similar products. In the Scandinavian countries, there is also a long tradition of using potato flakes – in particular – instead of starch to bind the different kinds of meat minces used to make dishes such as meatballs.