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occasionally called ... Dimethyl polysiloxane Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) is the most widely used silicon-based organic polymer, and is particularly known for its unusual rheological (or flow) properties. It is optically clear, and is generally considered to be inert, non-toxic and non-flammable. PDMS has been assigned CAS number 63148-62-9, and is occasionally called dimethicone. It is one of several types of silicone oil. Many people are indirectly familiar with PDMS because it is the primary component in Silly Putty, to which PDMS imparts its characteristic viscoelastic properties. The rubbery, vinegary-smelling silicone caulks, adhesives, and aquarium sealants are also well-known. PDMS is also used as a component in silicone grease and other silicone based lubricants, as well as in defoaming agents, damping fluids, heat transfer fluids, cosmetics, hair conditioner and other applications. PDMS has also been used as a filler fluid in breast implants, although this practice has decreased somewhat, due to safety concerns. It continues to be used in knuckle replacement implants, with good results. Activated dimethicone, a mixture of polydimethylsiloxanes and silicon dioxide (sometimes called simethicone), is used in over-the-counter drug as an anti-foaming agent and carminative. As a food additive, it has the E number E900 and is used as an anti-foaming agent and an anti-caking agent. Source: