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Peppers Chili Oleoresin
Byadgi chilli (Kannada: ??????? ??????????) is a famous variety of chilli mainly grown in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is named after the town of Byadgi which is located in the Haveri district of Karnataka.[1] The business involving Byadgi chillis has the second largest turnover among all chilli varieties of India.[2] An oil, oleoresin extracted from these chillies is used in the preparation of nail polish and lipsticks.[3] Byadgi chilli is also known for its deep red colour and is less spicy and is used in many food preparations of South India. They are also known as kaddi (meaning stick-like) chillies. Earlier Byadgi Chilli was grown mainly for the purpose of using it in food items as a spicy ingredient but recently, it has also been grown for the extraction of oleoresin, a red oil from the pods. Oleoresin is used in the preparation of nail polish and lipsticks. The extraction of oleoresin has also led to the creation of cold storage units in Byadgi since the chilli pods have to be maintained at a low temperature of 4 to 6 degree Celsius in order to maintain the colour and purity.[3] Storing in cold storage units also increases the amount of oleoresin extracted from chilli by about 30-40%. About 50 litres of oleoresin can be extracted from about 1 tonne of Byadgi chillies. Companies have been setup in and around Byadgi that are involved in the extraction of oleoresin. This oleoresin is then sent to Kerala where it is further refined before being exported to countries like USA, Japan and those in Europe