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Peppers Banana
These medium heat peppers range from 3000 to 6000 Scoville Units and include the hot variety of banana peppers and jalapenos. These chili peppers have a full range of uses from fresh to drying and are some of the most popular for stuffing—especially the jalapeno (try the recipe below for Jalapeno Poppers). Christmas Peppers Christmas peppers are very prolific, beautiful, compact plants producing upright 1 1/4 inches long by ½ inch wide peppers in white, yellow, orange, red and purple. All five colors often appear on the plant at the same time. The Christmas pepper is typically grown as an ornamental plant, but its fruit does have a mild flavor with a bit of bite when eaten fresh. Hot Banana Peppers Hot banana peppers—also called Hungarian hot wax peppers—are productive, stocky, ever-bearing, colorful plants. Although they prefer heat, they will grow well in cool climates either in the garden or in a container. Growing no more than 18 inches tall, banana pepper plants produce upright, banana-shaped, 4-6 inches long chili peppers that are fully mature in 70-75 days. As banana peppers mature their flavor develops, with the fully mature red peppers having more tang than the immature green ones. These are tasty peppers for stuffing. 'Inferno' is a very productive variety: it produces uniform fruit, and is excellent for pickling.