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Peas Split
Split peas are the dried peeled and split seeds of Pisum sativum. They come in yellow and green varieties. They have been mechanically split so that they will cook faster. Yellow split peas are sometimes wrongly referred to as a synonym for the Indian toor dal (split pigeon peas) or chana dal (split yellow gram, chickpeas or garbanzo beans); while all commonly known as peas the latter are from other legume species. They are a great source of protein. Green and yellow split peas are commonly used to make pea soup, and sometimes pease pudding. Yellow split peas are most often used to prepare dhal in Guyana and Trinidad. Referred to as simply dhal it is prepared similarly to dhals found in India but also may be used in a variety of other recipes. Yellow split peas call are used to make a sweet snack in Beijing cuisine. Wandouhuang (???) is a sweetened and chilled pease pudding, sometimes flavored with osmanthus blossoms and dates. A refined version of this snack is said to have been a favorite of Empress Dowager Cixi