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Pears Juice Concentrated
Pear juice is heated during the process used to make concentrated juice, and this heat processing changes the flavor of the resulting juice. A milder process, called direct osmosis concentration, can produce concentrated juice without heating during the process. Such concentrated juices have more fresh juice flavor than heat-concentrated juice. We prepared concentrated Pear juice by direct osmosis concentration and examined the concentrated juice by analysis and by a taste test to determine how much the juice had changed because of this mild concentration process. The concentrated juice had about two-thirds of the flavoring present in the original juice. This is a much higher level of flavor in the concentrated juice than when heat processing is used. Tasters were able to tell a difference between the original juice and juice made from the concentrated product, but Pear flavor can be added back to the concentrated juice to restore the lost flavorings. The process of concentration consists of the physical removal of water until the product Has a soluble solid "From" concentration means the water has been added back in